First blog post!

Hello all you beautiful people!

So first I wanted to let you know  WHY I STARTED A BLOG! So I started nursing school this fall (Aug. 2016) and I was extremely nervous because I had no idea what to expect or what I should be already buying to prepare for my classes. (uh pretty sure I have anxiety.. insert monkey covering eyes emoji) I just really like to be prepared for EVERYTHING & ANYTHING. Well I was looking around online for some tip and tricks and of course I checked Pinterest and found NOTHING helpful enough to calm me down HAHA, and once I started I felt like so many people sugar coat details about nursing school, yes it so rewarding but there is much that goes into it. Thus, why I decided to create a blog. Now this blog wont be completely about nursing school because come on I have a life HAHA!! Oh gosh Im kidding, nursing school IS my life. But for the most part I feel this is going to be a more lifestyle blog because I NEED something to take my mind off of studying and clinicals, what student doesnt need this, which is why I decided to name my blog danisjourney because y’all are going to be joining me on this crazy ride called LIFE.




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